File.AL Premium Account Prices

One of the toughest challenges that come across any professional is managing the enormous number of files that are created daily while they work. While some of the files may be required daily some are not. They need to be kept properly and then used when required. Now, if the files are not stored in right manner you will not be able to get them when required. For storing personal files or even professional ones thus USB drives and hard drives are in use but something is better than that!

That is online storage facility. It is becoming popular everyday as more and more users are finding these services convenience and easy to use. There are many services available out there that provides cloud data storage but you need something that is easy to use and above all is reliable. File.AL is one such service provider who provides you services that are convenient to use and at the same time has high speed and is flexible.

What is File AL?

The basic thing that must be coming out in mind is what is File AL?

From the discussion above it is sure that it is an online file hosting provider that offers you sophisticated uploading and downloading tools so that you can do things swiftly. It allows you to store any kind of files except a few exceptions like any copyright material or any sexual or offensive files. Nudity is strictly prohibited as well as pornography is also not accepted here. Apart from that you can easily upload download any kind of files that includes videos, photos, music tracks, documents and others.

In order to get access to the online storage system provided by File AL all you require is a steady internet connection. If you have one then you can access the files from any location without any issues. You can also use it for short term purpose. Suppose you want to transfer your data to a new system then for the transfer period this can be an active tool that will help you store your data online for the period. Moreover, File.AL is so great because there are many files that cannot be sent as attachment with emails due to their size. However, if you store it in File.AL you can just send the link for the file that can be viewed by anyone with whom you share the link. It makes things easier, isn’t it?

Features of File.AL that makes it so interesting

When it comes to online file sharing File AL is a reliable name with which one can upload their file easily. Some of the exclusive features that make it so important are

  • They have both options for their users. That is one can go for a free version or even try out their premium version for uploading and backing up files. Depending upon the nature of file and the size of files that you are planning to store you can choose one.
  • There is choice for being a guest user or a free registered user. A guest user can only download a file from the link send to them. They cannot upload any file online. Moreover, they will not have any space. They have to wait for about 60 seconds before they can download any file.
  • For a free registered user there is scope for getting 500 GB of storage space in the cloud servers of File.AL. They can also upload 102.4 GB files from any remote URL upload.
  • After any file is uploaded a delete link will be provided. If you need to delete the file then you have to use this link for deleting it. However, by any chance if you have lost the link then you have to wait for automatic deletion of the file. This will be done after 45 days of the last download of the file.
  • File.AL is compatible with different devices and also with various versions of files.

Does the premium version beneficial than the free version?

It is quite obvious that the premium version will be beneficial compared to the free version. Although one has to pay for getting the premium version of File.AL but still it is very useful compared to the free version! Actually satisfied users feel that it is worthy of the amount that they pay.

Let’s find out what makes it so beneficial

The maximum file size for uploading any file in the clouds is 512 GB that is quite a staggering amount. When you are using it and paying for the premium account you will have no storage place limit. Yes, you read it right; you can upload TBs of files in the clouds! Apart from this when it comes to downloading the files you can get the chance to download them with the help of download accelerator, which means that the download speed will be quite high and you can download any file in a zap! It also allows the users to resume the download when required, especially if there is any internet issue while carrying on the download.

Even during every download the premium users do not have to wait at all. They will also not require giving captcha every time they download. Another advantage of premium account is that you will get a file for 90 days and not 45 days, after the last download of the file.

File.AL premium account features

Final words

When File.AL is providing so many benefits to the users’ one can choose either to be a free user or a premium user. The choice will be totally on the user and on their requirement. It is the policy of File.AL to provide best services to the users. You can be sure that once you upload the files they are safe and secure. Thus, when you are using this you can be sure that with just an internet connection it is possible to access any file from any location. File.AL makes it possible to manage your files securely so that you can access them or send them as and when required.

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