Affiliate is a file hosting site that let you upload your important files and access them whenever you want. They not only let you access your files but also let you share these files with others. Thus, File al allows you to share your important files easily.

Apart from that with it affiliate program you can earn money while you are sharing your files. It is very simple and you will be earning money while you are working on your files. No need to provide extra time and do extra in order to get money right at your bank account. Mentioned here are the salient features related to the Affiliate program by

Salient features

It’s true that you have to consider it and do things so that you can get the money but it is actually very simple and easy. The salient features of the program are

  • All you require is to have a user account with If you have an account you can promote the site and thus earn there on.
  • If you are an active affiliate you will get better rates. So, the more active you are better will be your earnings.
  • The pay-out model is very transparent and you can know exactly how much money you will be getting every month.
  • Withdrawal of money is easy and simple and you do not have to follow any cumbersome method.
  • The total process is of three steps. You create your account, upload your files. Once it is done you can start earning.

Earn money while using the site provides you the hosting services for your files. You can use them remotely without the worry of how to carry an USB drive or a hard disk. It is simple and easy and in all this you also get the chance to earn money.

All you have to do is promote File.AL in your blogs, sites and other resources. If you have interesting files share them online all over the net. On the premium sale of the files you can earn money. management believes that you are a part of them and hence they provide you 50% commission on all the rebills as well as sales. Apart from that you will get 5% for webmaster referral.

Want to know more? If you are a website owner then you can earn up to 15% of the membership charges that are sold through your websites. It doesn’t matter if the sales is through you are someone else.

For the premium affiliates there are different lucrative offers. A premium affiliate will get unlimited space for storing their files. The files will be stores till 90 days after the last download is done. You can upload files through web, remotely or through FTP. You will alos get detailed stats of the sales and downloads. The payments are made 3 times per week that means your money will never be at hold.

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