What is File.al?

File.al is online file hosting service provider. We provide services related to online file storage, remote backup along with sophisticated downloading and uploading tools.

We allow you to host files, videos, images, audios and flash at the same time.

Why should I need it?

Saving your file in FileAL cloud has many advantages. If you need to send a large file as an attachment with email, it may not be allowed. Our services help then.

Moreover, it also helps in secure remote storage facility. With our service you do not have to carry USB stick or hard drive. Just upload your necessary files and get them where you need it.

Is it possible to search files uploaded by others?

You cannot search files that are uploaded by others. We provide unique account to very user and make sure that it is for them. You can share any files with others and they can view. The same is for you too. If someone share any file with you then you will be able to view it. You can also keep the files as backup that can be used by you anytime from any remote location.

Can I upload any kind of files?

Yes, except a few types you can upload any kind of files, starting from fun images to important documents. The restriction is on files that contain nudity, pornography, sexual images and material that are offensive. You cannot upload any copyright material too.

You can know about this in details from our terms and conditions.

Is it possible to delete a file uploaded by me?

After every upload process is completed you are provided with a Delete link. In order to delete the file you will require that link.

In case you have lost the removal code that was provide to you then you can wait for the file to expire. After a particular number of days, that depends upon the type of account you are holding, the files will be automatically removed from your account and our site.

Can I enjoy the services free?

Yes, we let you create a free account with us. You can upload and download files easily there. However, before every download you have to wait and watch an advertisement.

What if I do not want to watch the advertisement?

We provide you with Premium account facility that comes with many more features. The upload and download speed will be better. There will be no waiting before downloading and many more. If you wish you can learn from our respective page.

Is it possible to hotlink the stuff uploaded?

No, we do not allow any kind of hotlinking on the files that are uploaded from our servers.

What is I send a file link to someone who does not have File.al account?

If you send to someone without an account then you can ask them to create a guest login with us. With this login ID they can just download and view the files. They will not be provided any storage space.

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