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File sharing is very important today. You simply cannot store every data file in your hard disk as you may require it anywhere! If you are not carrying your laptop or even hard disk you may fail to give a presentation when required. Thus, you need to have access to your files all the time. Now, how is that possible? It is possible with an online file storage solution like File AL.  It will provide you with the best solution that will enable you to access your files from anywhere at any time.

How does it work?

File AL provides you with the right platform with the help of which you can share your files with your colleagues and even with other users.  If you have registered yourself as a user you will get a space online that can be utilized for sharing files and data. These online file sharing platform allows you to store any kind of files other than anything that relates to nudity and pornography. Even storing any copyright files is also prohibited. Thus, once you are using your personal or official files that does not contain the above material you can always use it.

When you are using it you can get registered as either free user or as premium user. For being a premium user you have to pay money but the extra features that you get will always help you ensure that you get worth of every penny that you spend.

What is better free or premium?

When it comes to File AL you can find that there are two choices available to be a user. You can join them as a free user or may join them as premium user. Obviously for joining as premium user there are charges. Now, the question is whether you should pay the amount and become a premium user or just be a free user.

First of all you need to know the benefits that you will get as a premium user over a free user. When you download something as free user you have to wait for 30 seconds before the download starts, however as a premium user there is no waiting time as well as no Captcha has to be provided.

As a free user you will be able to download only one file per hour while as a premium user you can download up to 50 GB data per day. You cannot download two files simultaneously in free version while at premium you can do that easily. Even as a free user there is a limit to how much space you get in the cloud while as a premium user there is no such limit. It is simply unlimited.

From the above it is sure that you get many benefits when you use premium account. However, it will depend upon your use that whether you will require premium version or free version. If you do not need the files regularly and at large volume then you may choose free, else premium is always better.


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